We often find the gas fitters and plumbers working together in a team but that does not mean they both do the same job. It will be more likely to say an orthopedic surgeon and a pediatrician working in the same team, both are doctors but their specialties are different. You might have seen some service providers offering plumbing and gas fitting services altogether & to be clearer it is so because they want to give you the best services in different sectors. Let’s now check the main difference in their roles and responsibilities.


These two sections are completely different from each other. When comes to a plumber, the person is responsible for all the work that is related to the supply of water, drainage, and plumbing in your commercial as well as residential areas. He must be certified to do this job & should be able to deal with the installations, repair, upgrades, and removal of the material used for plumbing, general servicing, inspection, maintenance & demolition sessions. However, you cannot expect the plumber to provide you with gas fitting services. He is not qualified or certified to do this job.



When it comes to gas fitting services, you need someone who knows the importance of safety because any small mistake cost many precious lives. So, before you hire someone for these services, you have to check whether he is qualified and certified for this job or not. If you are living in New Zealand, you must check with the best services for gas fitting in Auckland & I am sure that you will find the one with a good track record.


Now, as you are clear with the details that both a gas fitter and a plumber do different jobs and need different certifications to qualify for the job, it will be easy to choose the right one for your task. If you need gas repairs in Auckland, you have to go for a gas fitter in particular & if there is a leak in your water pipes, you need to call a plumber. Things are as simple as that only when you clear all the doubts.

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