Salvador Dali crafted iconic paintings & he was a unique personality who turned all his dreams and imaginations into reality by painting them all on his canvas. He was a gifted artist who started using the brush from a very young age. He played with colors and gave them life with each stroke. He had his own choice of techniques that he used while painting and the materials that he chose to craft those artworks. Now, let’s discuss the techniques & material that he used.

Dali initially started to work on the cardboard. He used to shade the whole board with white color as the background and then started using the other available colors. His strokes were painted in landscape, sky, and line.

In addition, he used highly detailed drawings for all his important subjects as well as figures. These detailed drawings were signed with black, blue, or brown pencils over the top point of the empty landscape.

After then he used the small brushes to add little strokes of oil paint. This gave a hyper-realistic touch to the painting & added more to its real finish.

To give an ultra-smooth finish, Dali used a special compound to mix with the oil paint and it was a resin material that occurred naturally similar to the daman resin. This was excellent to add smooth liquid texture to the strokes.

This was the reason why the objects that he painted on his canvas gave that super light finish & glow in the bright sunlight. It was all because of his super techniques and some additional material that he used while crafting the final Salvador Dali Works.

So, if you want to know why we call Dali’s paintings priceless, the above-mentioned features can explain it all. You can check his original paintings at the top galleries that offer Salvador Dali Sculptures for Sale. Dali maintained his quality and uniqueness in all his artworks & he never compromised with his hyper-realistic approach to drawing the lines. He coined his techniques and never copied what was already in the market. He was a truly excellent artist.

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