Formerly known as the Jamrush Couriers, Jamvybz Express is a renowned courier service company in Jamaica that has more than 30 years of combined knowledge in this business. They offer both courier service as well as the customs clearance of both sea and air cargo. We encourage people to fulfill their dream of buying their favorite products online and add the provided shipping address as their mailing address. After the purchase is over, the company delivers all the products to the mailing address & the shipment goes through the seaports or the airports to be supplied to Jamaica. The team ensures that once the package is cleared at customs, the person can choose the option to pick up the shipment at the office or can even request for the package to be delivered to the destination of their choice.

To know more about Jamvybz Express, one can check their site to collect the necessary details related to their services. The company promises that they are fast and efficient courier services that perfectly know how to clear and handle your cargo. They have mentioned different categories on their homepage like the rates that show the actual price of the services according to the weight of the products. One can check the list and know how much they have to pay to the people who want to use the shipping courier service. In addition, one can fill out the submission form available on their home page and send a query to them.

To connect with them, one can visit the website and get started. one can make an account on their website by filling in the registration details. The system will generate a username and password to help people log in with their accounts. Their contact number is 876-616-5603 & their email address is Their official address is 2 Crieff Road, Kingston 6. they are active on all social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. One can follow them to stay tuned to their latest updates and introduction of new services to their organization.

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